Dream Machine Artist - GOLDEN DAWN ARKESTRA


INPUT OUTPUT, a founding artist of Dream Machine, is a creative lab that researches, designs, and develops immersive digital experiences. INPUT OUTPUT, with includes Alex Ramos and Billy Baccum, met while working together in tech-related retail. Both having similar interests in art design and a shared love for James Turrell, they formed Input/Output.
Their Houston collective is known for their proficiency in projection mapping, creating large-scale installations and manipulating space creating various emotive rhythms. In 2017 during the annual HUE Mural Fest, they projected mapped onto the notorious ‘BE SOMEONE’ street mural to highlight a Houston landmark in a lively and invigorating new perspective further emphasizing the idea of the intended artist. They have also created commissioned pieces for events and wedding including ‘Three Moons.’
“Three Moons was a commissioned piece that was created to celebrate the union of two humans on Earth. With a wedding taking place within one of James Turrell’s skyspaces at the Live Oak Friends Meeting House, ‘Three Moons’ continued the theme of sky, space, and perception for the reception that followed. The installation piece was suspended between two large trees at the head of a long, communal table where guests gathered to enjoy food, drink, and conversation. Similar to how Turrell brings the sky closer to the viewer through his skyspaces, we brought the Moon closer. Video of the Moon was composed of high-resolution images returned by NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter. This allowed for a highly accurate and beautifully detailed experience of the Moon’s actual surface.”