Fifth World Collective2018-12-03T22:04:02+00:00
Dream Machine Artist - GOLDEN DAWN ARKESTRA


The Fifth World is the world that can be imagined that exists beyond the concept of the first world and the third world. It is the world of abundance and thriving, of acceptance and mutual support- the world in which we can elevate our knowledge of the natural world, the world of mathematics and science, and upgrade our understanding of ourselves and our place and role in the universe. The world in which we work together to explore and achieve.

Fifth World Collective is dedicated to providing space, tools, and resources to established and up and coming visionaries in the technical and digital arts. A space to develop and experiment with interactive installation art, high-end stage design, festival art, infrastructure and more.

Fifth World collective is meant to bring artists and visionaries together to see what new and next level projects we can bring to fruition, as well as develop new strategies to help our community thrive in the modern world.