Alex Lechin & Sera Rose2018-12-03T22:03:24+00:00
Dream Machine Artist - GOLDEN DAWN ARKESTRA


Alexandra Lechin, a Venezuelan living in Texas, attended School of Visual Arts in NYC and is currently finishing her BFA in Sculpture at the University of Houston. Her process consists mostly of various mixed media to create an optic experience. She has always worked close to the arts and shows a passion for celebrating others work. She is currently involved with Sculpture Month Houston and Rudolph Blume Gallery and has shown work before at other private events, and school ran art shows.

Sarah Rose, born and raised in Houston Texas, graduated from Kinkaid in 2011 where she served as the High School Arts Board Director, responsible for the curation and installation of all the school’s art exhibits. She was also enrolled in every possible art class her schedule allowed eventually gravitating towards mixed media and printmaking. She then attended the University of Colorado where she further explored her love of art through her Art History minor.

This is the first time this collaboration has worked together. Check out their ‘LED Underwater Disco’ at Dream Machine 2018.